Calibrated Plywood

People may be surprised to know that today the most advanced plywood available to make high-grade furniture is calibrated plywood.
Applewud is among the leading calibrated plywood manufacturers and suppliers in the market.
We understand how crucial is the material of furniture material, and calibrated plywood is a top-class material for modernized furniture.

To meet your building requirements, Applewud produces excellent plywood panels comprised of high-quality calibrated plywood with advanced calibrated machines with 100 % accuracy.
The plywood we’ve made passes all international norms for modern furniture & kitchen works.

A contemporary version of conventional plywood is calibrated plywood. It is the ideal type of plywood for modular kitchens & for furniture manufacturers.

Due to its meticulous craftsmanship, our calibrated plywood delivers more excellent durability than conventional plywood. As one of the biggest plywood producers and distributors, we are aware of our commitments and take care to ensure that our goods are not only dependable and long-lasting but also reasonably priced. With our adaptable and elevated plywood, you may affordably build the house of your desires.

Calibrated Plywood Manufacturing Process

The Top Features and Quality of Our Calibrated Plywood

• Our calibrated plywood has a most top thickness accuracy of .015 +-
• If you chop any side thickness, the thickness variation would not be more than 1%
• Plywood is excellent because it has both sides calibrated.
• Our company made high-pressure plywood with full surface calibration to get a 100 % smooth & perfect surface.
• Equal Thickness at any every was in sheet
• A super flat surface is ideal for kitchen purposes.
• Guarantees Strong Adhesion Because the Sticky Is Equally Distributed
• The decorative fabric on this type of plywood shows symmetry.
• Upon purchasing, the manufacturer gave a word for the 15-year to 25 years life of our products.
• Assured 400-samples scorching tested successfully & every lot is tested in our company in-house labs.
Purely A-grade wood uses to make it resistant to termite attacks.


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