Premium Plywood

Premium Plywood

Product Overview

Experience uncompromised quality with Applewud Premium, a distinguished offering within our illustrious plywood range. As a stalwart in the plywood industry, Applewud proudly presents Premium, a full-core full-panel plywood with a steadfast commitment to a zero-defect policy.

Product Specifications

1. Gap-Free Excellence:

  • Crafted with precision, Applewud Premium ensures 100% gap-free
    plywood, enhancing the adherence of mica for superior aesthetics.

2. Full Core Full Panel Strength:

  • Made with a full core full panel, Applewud Premium guarantees
    unmatched strength and enduring durability.
  • Elevate your interiors with plywood that stands the test of time.

3. Anti-Termite Assurance:

  • Subjected to a two-stage anti-termite treatment, Applewud Premium ensures a hassle-free experience and long-lasting home interiors.

4. Bend-Free Confidence:

  •  Employing both natural and mechanical drying processes, Applewud
    Premium achieves full-dried perfection.
  •  Bid farewell to bowing and bending, as moisture is meticulously removed.

5. High-Pressure Durability:

  • Unlike standard plywood in the market, Applewud Premium boasts a
    remarkable 10% compression.
  • Experience heightened strength and advanced durability, setting a new standard in plywood resilience.

Applewud Premium is the ideal choice for a range of applications, including:

1. Interior Walls
2. Kitchen and Room Cabinets
3. Furniture
4. General Projects

Quality Assurance

1. ISI Certified: Adheres to the rigorous standards established by the Indian
Standards Institute.
2. Zero Defect Products: Applewud Premium epitomizes excellence, ensuring a flawless plywood product that exceeds expectations.

Choose Applewud Premium for a harmonious blend of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your projects with plywood crafted to perfection by Applewud.


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